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  • No Upfront Setup Or Cancellation Fees
  • Call Leads Exclusive To You
  • Pay Only For Qualified Calls
  • No Contract – Cancel Any Time!
  • Know Exactly What Your’re Paying For – CALLS!
  • Boost Your Brand’s Online Visibility

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How Our Telephone Lead Service Works

Once we fully understand the type of service(s) you would like to receive more customer calls, we promote those services online with the principal aim of getting phone calls from prospective customers most likely to want to do business today.

We don't use marketing gimmicks like coupons or discounts that many other companies often use because we know that this only attracts poor quality leads and discount seekers.

Live Telephone Inquiries Diverted Immediately To Your Sales Team

When a prospect searches online and finds one of our promotional campaigns, we pre-qualify them to make sure they are the right match for your business. Once we are satisfied that they meet your requirements, we immediately forward the call directly and only to you.

That means you don’t pay for unqualified calls, and because we immediately send the live call to you, we don’t share these calls with any other business. So we deliver exactly what many business owners want when they advertise their business, real telephone enquiries from pre-qualified prospective customers.

We strip out all the expensive and unnecessarily complicated marketing and advertising so you don't have to spend any time and money with these activities yourselves. This allows you to focus more of your time on revenue-generating activities in your business instead.

We only forward telephone enquiries that are pre-qualified and that best match your requirements for the type of customers you are looking for. In other words we filter out all the tire-kickers and people who are not a good match.

Telephone Lead Inquiries That Are Pre-Qualified To Reduce Time Wasters

Because we qualify callers, we take on more of the financial risk and complexity of getting quality telephone leads for your business as we agree upfront a fixed cost for each qualified call.

This gives you more financial peace of mind in knowing upfront what each qualified call will cost, and it allows you to quickly assess whether our service will work for you or not.

We constantly invest and test for the best methods to source and secure customer calls and send them directly to you.

No other company offers such a risk-free customer acquisition service to local business owners.

All you have to do is answer the phone and help these customers…. :)

That’s a simple, transparent, risk-free service… the way it should be.

Our unique proprietary system tracks calls and determines if they are a qualified caller or not depending on your criteria and the type of business or service you want to attract.

You're Not Charged For Unqualified Calls

Wrong numbers, customers outside your service area, that need a service you don’t offer, and solicitation calls, are never charged to you.

We also make it super easy for you to let us know by text if you receive a non-qualified call so you don’t waste money unnecessarily.

You have complete control. You decide how many or how few phone inquiries you want to receive at any given time and you can cancel the service at any time at no cost.

We send you an invoice every Monday via email for all qualified calls that you received the previous week.

We think that makes our service extremely transparent and gives you peace of mind since you’ll be able to instantly tell whether you’re getting value for money.

Our Guarantee

Our aim is to help you increase your bottom line, to help you grow your business because when you experience organic growth we hope that you’ll come back to us for more customer calls, which means our business grows too.

A Guarantee Like No Other

We will deliver qualified calls guaranteed or you don’t pay. You decide how many or how few phone inquiries you want to receive at any given time and you can cancel the service at any time at no cost.

Plus there is no contract, no set up or cancellation fees whatsoever.

Bottom line, we understand that if you invest a dollar to get more customers, after taking into account all your expenses you must make a good return otherwise there is no point in the investment. It is therefore in our interest to ensure that you get value for money if we are to develop a long term relationship.

So will this work for your business?

Contact us today to get started or just reach out to us if you have further questions.