Are Telephone Lead Generation Services A Good Fit For Your Business?

qualifying your leads will mean having a smaller but better quality leadsThe important question is will a telephone lead generation service work for your business?

Acquiring qualified telephone leads that are diverted straight to your business can work well, but it comes with a caveat, which we discuss in more detail below.

First it's important for you to understand the nature of the leads so you understand what to expect.

qualifying phone leads to filter out non relevant inquiriesAs with any lead generation, whether it is online or offline, it is important to really dial in to the type of customers that a business wants to attract.

With any sales and marketing, whether pay per call or some other lead generation strategy, the wider the net, meaning the broader the approach to attracting prospective customers, the greater the catch of unsuitable customers, which pushes up the acquisition cost of obtaining a new customer.

The reason is simple. While a broad approach may catch more leads or inquiries into your sales funnel, many of those leads won't be qualified, won't be a good fit or simply won't be that interested in the service offered.

The aim of a telephone lead generation service is to filter out unqualified leads so you are only left with better quality leads that are a good fit with the service(s) being offered. Meaning, leads are pre-qualified.

So, a plumbing business may advertise plumbing services, but unless it qualifies what type of leads it wants to attract, it may end up with lots of leads and enquiries for services that it doesn't offer. For example, a plumbing business may undertake emergency plumbing jobs but not out-of-hours emergencies or customers that are outside of it's geographical catchment area.

Getting lots of unsuitable inquiries and leads is just wasted time and a wasted opportunity to bag a new customer. And unless that business has a dedicated team of in-house marketing and sales staff tasked with filtering through and following up on these leads, all these extra leads and enquiries will just mean extra admin and possibly frustration.

Example Business Categories Using Pay Per Phone Lead Services

Some business categories that we have successfully worked with are listed below.

This is not an exhaustive list and it also does not mean that if your business is not listed that this will not work for you.


Real Estate






Limousine Services


Carpet Cleaning

Towing Service


Garage doors

Roadside Assist

That's why our initial dialogue with you about our lead service is critically important to properly understand your business, your target market, and the type of customers and services you're looking to generate leads for. We can then properly assess whether we'll be able to help with the quality precision needed to attract qualified telephone leads.

Is pay per call a good fit for my business?What Makes A Business A Good Fit For Our Telephone Lead Service?

Well, while we don't necessarily make it difficult for businesses to qualify for our pay per call lead generation service, our best performing and preferred customers for this service generally satisfy the following performance criteria:

1. Businesses That Want To Grow

The aim of our service is to help local service businesses generate a steady flow of quality customer enquiries. While we cannot guarantee a sudden flood of telephone inquiries, and while you have complete control over how many calls you receive over a given timeframe, if your business is not looking to increase its customer base and grow over time, your business is probably not going to be a good fit for our service.

With that in mind, before you call us, have a careful think about the call volume you would be comfortable with and based on your historical data what your average close rate is to generate a new customer. We can then discuss an approximate amount of leads per week or per month so you can achieve your target number of new customers.

2. A Professional Approach To Inbound Telephone Lead Inquiries

Our service pre-qualifies telephone leads and diverts those calls directly to your business. As with all telephone inquiries however, you are not going to convert every phone lead into a new customer. That said, businesses that seem to have the most success, tend to have a tried and tested approach to answering calls and focus on scheduling an appointment with a view to closing the sell at the next appointment.

It therefore goes without saying that if your business does not consistently answer calls and or doesn't have a professional and focused approach to answering customer inquiries, then you are probably not going to be the best fit for our services.

3. Serve A Large Enough Catchment Area

The number of phone leads that we can generate for your business will ultimately depend on the type of services you offer and how much demand there is in your preferred geographical catchment area.

If your catchment area is relatively small, it may be difficult for us to generate sufficient call volume for your business, simply because there isn't enough demand. Companies that see the most success with our phone lead service tend to have a larger catchment area that they are prepared to serve, giving them a much better opportunity to grow.

4. Businesses Offering Complementary Services

As with catchment area above, we see that businesses with the fastest growth and highest customer conversions have a large spectrum of complementary services that they can offer to prospective customers. Being able to offer to both new and existing customers other services that are complimentary to the initial service inquiry, whether it's by way of upsell, cross-sell or simply being able to be more accommodating to customer inquiries, will open up the greatest opportunities to grow and acquire new customers from our telephone lead generation service.

Call us today or use our contact form to start the dialogue with us about our pay per phone lead service for your business.