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performance based seo services to get page 1 Google rankings or do not pay If you are new to search engine optimisation - commonly referred to as SEO - or you don't really understand it, you might be asking....

Why Be on the First Page of Google?

Let's take an everyday scenario. You're at home enjoying the weekend with the family. It's cold outside as it's the middle of winter. You turn the tap on to run some hot water for the dirty dishes only to get lukewarm water. You touch one of the  radiators in your home. That too is cold. You do the usual preliminary checks, then scratch your head. You then realise you need a plumber and you need one fast!

performance seo guarantee get found on Google page 1 WHAT DO YOU DO?

How do you find a local plumber who can come out at short notice?

The chances are that you'll grab your phone and do an online search with a keyword phrase such an "emergency plumber near me" or something along those lines. You may even just enter a voice command for a local 247 plumber.

If this is the approach that you would take you wouldn't be alone.

But Why The First Page of Google?

Google's algorithms have been fine tuned over the past decade and more to serve results that best match the search. It intuitively knows via learning logic or algorithm (it's actually called RankBrain - machine learning AI technology), that someone searching for a service is looking for a local business. That's why when you search for an electrician, roofer, dentist, plumber, florist, etc, the first page of Google lists all local businesses.

So if you're looking for more calls, leads and new customers, that's where you want your business to be found....on the first page of google for the right keyword phrases.

Local Search Statistics 2019 Shows Why Google Page 1 Is the Honeypot For Local Businesses

  • 97% searched online to find a local business (
  • 46% of all online search on Google is seeking local information
  • 88% of consumers that search for a local business on a mobile device either calls or visits the business within 24 hours (Nectafy)
  • 92% of searchers will pick businesses that are on the first page of local search results. People trust Google to provide the most relevant results for their search inquiry (Search Engine Watch).

Benefits of Being on Page One of Google for Local Search

  1. Your brand gets high visibility to searchers that are looking for the service that you offer. This results in more phone inquiries and people going to your brick and mortar business.
  2. Businesses found on the first page of Google are perceived as trustworthy. In fact according to 92% of consumers will choose businesses that are listed on the first page of the local search results.
  3. Page 1 local business listings get the lions share of all online enquiries. Very few online searches go beyond page 1. This means the businesses listed on page 1 gets most of the leads, telephone calls and walk-in customers that want to do business in the next 24 hours.

Marketing agencies know that the first page Google listing for the right keywords are a big boon for local businesses and will charge a lot of money to get customers ranked for these lucrative keywords.

The Open Chequebook Problem With SEO Services

seo services cost a lot like an open checkbookMost smaller business owners shy away from SEO.  There are 3 main reasons for this:

  1. It's expensive, usually monthly recurring with no defined end date.
  2. SEO agencies cannot and do not guarantee results. Business owners are expected to have an open chequebook approach to SEO services; meaning they're expected to pay a monthly subscription with no end date in mind in order to get the search rankings they desire.
  3. Some business owners have experienced bad SEO services. Perhaps they engaged an agency in the past that used black hat SEO techniques. Black hat SEO is against Google's terms of service and websites that are found to have used such techniques are penalised by being pushed to the bottom of the search results where they cannot be found.  Black hat techniques have a reputation of getting very fast results but don't last as each Google algorithm update which are frequent, weeds out bad practice pushing those websites to the bottom of the search results.

For many smaller local business owners that don't have an allocated marketing and advertising budget to spend, the lack of clarity or guarantee of ranking on the fist page of google is unpalatable. There may also be an element of distrust among some businesses as mentioned.

Our Approach is Different...

Performance SEO Service with a Guarantee

We've turned SEO as a service on its head by placing the financial burden of getting page 1 local rankings firmly in our court. This means, if we don't get you a page 1 ranking you don't pay. It's that simple. Plus it's affordable, and are strategies are all white-hat the kind that Google wants to see online to improve their users experience and that ensure that your listings stick around.

pay per results seo serviceHow do you measure affordability?

That depends on the value of the product or service you provide. The higher the price point of your main service or product the quicker you will recover the cost of the SEO work. For example, if you sell houses charging say 2.5% commission, you would need just 2 converting customers on a house valued at $200,000. Which is why we include advice on what we think is the best keywords to target (see more below), so you can recover your money back fast.

How Much Will It Cost?

Our basic local SEO package starts at $1197 per month for 10 local keywords with a fixed term of 12 months.

On occasion we run competitions and special offers up to 40% off our regular retail prices. If you're interested in receiving email notifications of our next special promotion or competition, enter your name and email below.

The minimum term of our SEO service is 12 months. This means we have up to 12 months to get your business on the first page of Google for your chosen 10 keywords.

If we don't achieve first page ranking for any of your keywords, our guarantee entitles you to ask for money back. Alternatively, you allow us to rectify any shortfall by extending the 12 month period, at no additional cost to you. That way you know upfront exactly how much our SEO service will cost you for the desired result and what to exact. If the service falls short on delivery of first page rankings, you can ask for money back.

What SEO Keywords Should You Target?

We can give you advice on the best local keywords to target with the best buyer intent.

Buyer intent is the term used in SEO to identify keywords that are most closely associated with buyers. The more keywords you choose that have high buyer intent, the more paying customers you can expect to receive visiting your website.

We do this because we want you to be successful and get lots of new customers. Business owners that are happy with the results tend to recommend us to other business owners and leave us positive feedback. Without this we will not thrive and grow. This is why we are motivated to ensure your success. And besides, SEO is our passion and we're here for the long term, so why not join us.

Fully Transparent Service...Monthly Reports Show Where Your Business is Listed In Google

You get to see live reports of how your business is doing online through monthly reports that we send you. That way you can keep check on how we are doing.

receive monthly SEO report on the performance of your marketing campaign

To learn more about our performance SEO service, speak to us today to see if we're a good fit and learn how we can help your business get more leads, calls, and new customers. We're confident you'll love what we have to offer.

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