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Win The Search Box For Your Brand

With Search Box Optimisation (SBO), prospects can see your company name as a suggested search term in the Search Bar when they type your target keyword phrase. It's a like having your very own company billboard in the search results, which is powerful!

Powerful because prospects see your brand before they even click enter, and even before they have a chance to see your competitors.

Jump Ahead of Your Competition With Autosuggest

When someone does a search in Google or Bing, the search engines give keyword suggestions to help the searcher. 

In bypassing all the competition that your business typically faces on the first page of Google and Bing, you are able to attract the undivided attention of your prospects, which is invaluable in highly competitive markets.

We think you'll agree that getting prospects' undivided attention is the single most challenging obstacle for any business today wanting to acquire new clients and customers on and offline. 

Here's what that could look like for your business to any prospect that clicks on your brand's autosuggested keyword phrase... 

 Improve Brand Awareness And Trust

People trust Google or Bing. This is important because when Google makes a suggestion as an autosuggestion that includes your brand name, customers are more likely to trust your business. 

It's powerful because Google or Bing is making the suggestion, and to many of your prospects this will seem as if they are recommending your brand

...and getting your brand to appear for relevant, targeted keyword phrases within the dropdown of suggested keywords will help attract new potential customers and clients to your business.

Repetition of brand visibility is key to brand marketing. It improves brand awareness and brand trust  simply by appearing in the autosuggest everytime someone searches your target keyword phrase.

So, the more visible your brand, the more brand-aware people become, which creates trust and authority in your marketplace.

 Influence User Search Paths As People Search

Influence user search paths as they type their search query in the search box.

Studies show that approximately 75 percent of all search queries are influenced by the autocomplete feature that's automatically shown by Google and Bing to improve user experience.

With so many companies and businesses competiting for attention, it is critically important for a brand to gain as much of a competitive edge as possible. 

Capturing the attention of search traffic in the Search Bar's autosuggest before prospects hit the regular search results page will give your business that much needed competitive edge in today's crowded market. 

 Guaranteed Fast Results PLUS You Don't Pay Until We Get You Results!

 Optimizing For the Search Box Can Save You Money

Competition in SEO for the coveted top listings on the first page of Google & Bing is intense. The results can change quickly as your competitors will be doing exactly what you're doing, aiming to rank at the top of the search results pages.

The reality is, there is more competition today on the first page of Google and Bing for the attention of your target audience than there was even just 3 years ago. 

An alternative option is to advertise. But advertising costs are on the rise. Pay-per-click ads are expensive and very competitive. Results can and do change daily as your competition will be trying to out-compete you to get top ad placements.

But the benefit of SB0 doesn't stop there.

All web traffic that clicks on your suggested keyword phrase are automatically sent to a search results page that contains just your brand's online listings, i.e. your website, your social media pages, your local directory listings, etc. 

In other words, they skip the competitive organic search results page and instead are presented with a page dominated by your brand, which is also very powerful.

If your business does SEO or PPC, you can save money with Search Box Optimisation and own the entire first page of the search results that a user sees when they click through on your autosuggested keyword phrase(s).

It also takes time for SEO to get your business onto the first page of the search results. Typically 6-8 months, possibly longer, just to get your foot on the first page. Then there's no guarantee it will bring any more new business, particularly if you're near the bottom of the page!

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With Search Box Optimization, there is no competition for your target keyword phrase because we work exclusively with you.

Someone Searches Your

With this strategy not only do you get the attention of web searchers at the earliest stage in the buying cycle, you also get to funnel that traffic to a search results page that's dedicated to your business. That means you get their undivided attention too!

Own the entire first page of the search results

 A Comparison 

Autocomplete Optimization 


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


& Maps Listings

Until now, if your business wanted to capture a slice of online search traffic, it had to achieve a high ranking position in the Google & Bing search engines.

  • Hire an SEO expert to search optimise your website. This can be complicated, labor-intensive and time consuming.
  • Appear in the Map listings. However, getting high visibility in the Maps has its own set of ranking factors, which too can be complicated, time consuming and very competitive. 
  • Use pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, where you pay for every click. Clicks however are expensive and rising with every passing year.

With Search Box Optimization (SBO) however - also known as Autocomplete Optimization - there's no complicated website optimization, you can avoid pay-per-click costs, bypass the competition and own the entire organic search results page for your target keyword phrase(s).

Dominate the Entire First Page of the Search Results 

You have a great business, so let us help you get in front of customers who would love to use your products or services.

If your business has been struggling to get a foothold online; perhaps you feel you missed the boat and you're now finding it hard to challenge more established businesses. This is your time and opportunity to jump ahead with a brand new strategy that allows you to finally get a slice of the action.

Or, if you have a more seasoned business that you feel has fallen behind to newer more agile and tech savvy companies but that are less experienced than you in your industry, then this too may be an opportunity for you to rebalance the playing field.

We know of companies that have been around for 40 years and more but are losing ground to newer businesses that dominate online.  Autocomplete-Optimization is a unique opportunity to take back your place and regain lost ground.

Autocomplete-Optimization allows you to get in front of every potential customer searching for your product or service.  Your company name can now be visible to every person looking for what you have to offer, right at the moment they're typing their search!

So let's talk about moving your company back into a more prominent and dominant position online with Autocomplete-Optimization... what do you say?

  •  Jump ahead of the competition,
  • Save on some marketing and advertising costs,
  • Add another string to your marketing bow that gives your business an exclusive competitive edge that no other business can have for your target keyword(s) in attracting new clients and customers.

But to effectively compete and get noticed in the organic search results you had one of 3 choices:

With Search Box Optimisation we can get your brand to appear in the autosuggestion for your target keyword. And when a prospect clicks on your keyword, they skip the normal organic search results page and are shown instead a search results page dominated with just your company's online listings! 

So, you can view Search Box Optimization as a unique opportunity to: 


In other words, you're alone and your business is no longer fighting for the attention of your target audience because people that click on your autosuggested keyword phrase only see your company's online pages.

Once upon a time, you could get your business listed at the very top of the page. Today however, you have ads at the top of the page. Below that Google Map listings. Then you get the SEO organic listings. That means, it's more difficult than ever to get people's attention with SEO.

But with each of these you're fighting for the attention of your prospects against all the other businesses on the search results page.

This is a brand new and exclusive service that you can only purchase through us. And today you can secure exclusivity on you target keyword phrase before your competitors.

But there are 2 other very important distinctions between SBO and SEO.

While SBO should not be viewed to replace SEO but enhance it, it is important for you to know that you can expect to receive the benefits of SBO much sooner than with many SEO campaigns. In fact we're seeing results in as little as 4-6 weeks.

And because we're primarily a performance based agency, you don't pay until we get you results.

That means no more expensive monthly payments with nothing to show for your investment. Only pay once your billboard shows up in the search bar!

That means only one business gets the benefit of Search Box Optimization for a particular keyword. And only one business gets the benefit of sending search traffic to a search results page dedicated to that business.

With SBO, results are achieved a lot quicker too than traditional SEO, and that means you save money.